Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women and affects about 11% of Canadian women. The main standard treatment of breast cancer is surgical removal of cancer. This may require partial removal of breast tissue (lumpectomy) or complete removal of breast tissue (mastectomy). For women who require a mastectomy, a breast reconstruction helps to restore their body image, self-esteem and has been shown to improve survival rates. Breast reconstruction is a procedure to rebuild your breast following mastectomy. Results vary by individual and by procedure. The goal of breast reconstruction is to have breasts that are very similar to the shape and symmetry of natural breasts.

There are different options of breast reconstruction based on the type and time of reconstruction. The two main types of breast reconstruction include using breast implants, or using skin and fat tissue taken from another part of your body (called an autologous flap). The time of reconstruction could be in the same time of mastectomy (immediate) or could be months or year later (delayed). There are different surgical techniques to achieve different types of breast reconstructions based on individual needs. This depends on a combination of your personal preferences, medical history, and physical characteristics.

Dr. Menesi offers all surgical options for breast reconstruction, including the most advanced techniques available.

Breast reconstruction is typically performed under general anaesthesia as an inpatient or outpatient surgery, depends on the type of reconstruction. Patients often experience some discomfort for 3 to 7 days after surgery which can be managed with pain medication. You can expect to return to work after few weeks of recovery, as you should feel more like yourself. You should take extra care of your breasts for at least 1 month and avoid upper body exercises for at least 6 weeks.

Having performed thousands of Breast surgeries, Dr. Menesi is an experienced Cosmetic Breast Surgeon. Many women who have undergone breast reconstruction by Dr. Menesi remark on the beautiful symmetry, natural shape, and inconspicuous scars.

To achieve the best results of Breast Reconstruction, women need to meet the following criteria:

• Be at or near your ideal goal weight.

• Having realistic expectations

• Be a non-smoker, as smoking can complicate both the procedure and your recovery time.

• Be in good physical and psychological health.

Dr. Menesi will discuss the risks and benefits of Breast Reconstruction at your consultation to confirm that this is the best course of action for your particular needs.

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